Best of Montana (Lead Photo Producer), National Geographic

Montana's Department of Tourism teamed up with National Geographic Travel to create over two years of sponsored editorial content for National Geographic's website.

As lead photo producer for the project, Tyler established a visual content plan that included extensive photography coverage, social media promotion through Instagram, short form video, and interactive maps. Throughout the two-year project Tyler worked with photographers Keith Ladzinski and Ami Vitale to capture imagery from every corner of the state. In addition to being on the ground himself, Tyler researched photo locations and subjects, coordinated photographer’s shooting schedules, managed a large editorial budgets, edited over 150,000 images, promoted the project through Instagram campaigns, co-produced an interactive map and multiple short videos, and presented final product packages to Montana's marketing managers and National Geographic editorial teams.

The project was viewed as a success, in both its striking visuals and in its ability to leverage sponsorships with creative editorial possibilities.

View Samples From the Project: